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6   Biography: Frida Kahlo. (DVD639)


8    A civil action (DVD637)



  The Son´s Room (DVD638)


  The world in a box : Geographic information systems (DVD640)


  Nutrition for a healthy lifestyle (DVD641)



  Info-seekers : methods for a succesful research (DVD642)


  Scientific methods : experiments (DVD645)


  Video guide to HIV & AIDS (DVD646)


  A journey in the history of water (DVD622)



  Biobasics : mircroorganisms (DVD643)



   Research skills : how to find information (DVD644)

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Biogeochemistry: an analysis of global change / William H. Schlesinger (Gn2515)
Microbiology of fruits and vegetablesi / Gerald M. Sapers (Gm2507)

Nitrogen assimilation by plants: physiological, biochemical and molecular aspects / Jean Francois Morot Gaudry (Ps3769)
Management of agricultural drought / N. P. Saxena (P3770)
In vitro application in crop improvement / A. Mujib (Po3771)
Food technology and quality evaluation
/ Ramdane Dris (Tb0559)
Virus insect plant interactions / Kerry F. Harris (Pq3790)
The fungi / Michael J. Carlile (Gm2518)

Symbiotic nitrogen fixation: prospects for enhanced application in tropical agriculture / Rachid Serraj (Ph3801)
Insect molecular genetics: an introduction to principles and applications / Marjorie A. Hoy (Pl3792)
Feeding: form, function, and evolution in tetrapod vertebrates / Kurt Schwenk (Gn2520)
Environmental physiology of plants / Alastair H. Fitter (Gn2521)
Streams and ground waters / Jeremy B. Jones (Ea1270)
Herbivores: their interactions with secondary plant metabolites / Gerald A. Rosenthal (Pl3804)
Thyme: the genus thymus / Elisabeth Stahl-Biskup (Gn2508)
Wildlife feeding and nutrition / Charles T. Robbins (Vb0983)
Arbuscular mycorrhizae: interactions in plants, rhizosphere and soils / A. K. Sharma (Ps3768)
Introduction to plant biotechnology / H.S. Chawla (Gt2512)

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